Webasto GmbH
Kraillinger Straße 5
82131 Stockdorf

Webasto GmbH


Webasto GmbH, which has been developing and manufacturing products for the automotive industry for over 75 years, is among the world’s largest 100 suppliers for the automotive industry and one of Germany’s top 15 automotive suppliers.



Core competencies include the development and production of complete roof and convertible roof systems for cars as well as heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for cars, commercial, specialty and recreational vehicles and marine. In addition, the company offers parking heaters and sunroofs for retrofitting by the end consumer.



The know-how acquired in the automotive industry is specifically targeted to other types of vehicles. One example is the movable roof systems for the marine market segment. The company has over 50 locations worldwide – 30 of which are manufacturing plants. In Germany, Webasto maintains production plants for roof systems in Utting at the Ammersee and in Schierling near Regensburg.

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