WEW Westerwalder Eisenwerk GmbH
Ringstraße 65a
57586 Weitefeld

WEW Westerwalder Eisenwerk GmbH


For over 75 years, WEW has been pioneering innovative modular solutions for safely transporting some of the most toxic liquids and gases known to man in civilian and military supply chains.


The company specialises in providing integrated systems combining liquid/gas storage with ancillary services, such as pumps, specialist linings, filtration, telemetry, heating and cooling systems.


Chemical, oil and gas, logistics service providers and defence forces all rely on WEW systems for the secure movement, storage and delivery of gases and liquids, ranging from foodstuffs to some of the most toxic chemicals in existence.


WEW’s 12,000m² design and production facility is located in the heart of Europe and employs over 120 highly qualified staff, many with very long service. WEW has an enviable reputation as a specialist systems integrator serving the oilfield, chemical/petrochem, nuclear, defence and emergency services markets all over the globe.


WEW delivers systems for transport, storage and dispensing of over 2,000 hazardous liquids and gases. The company holds more than 100 patents and invests a substantial proportion of its annual turnover in R&D. WEW carries ISO 9001, ASME U and numerous other accreditations.

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