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Whippendell Marine Ltd
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Watford, Herts WD18 7PU

Whippendell Marine Ltd


Whippendell Marine Ltd is a supplier of electrical systems, equipments and control products to the commercial marine and defence sectors for over 100 years. It is a specialist in marine electrical equipment, system automation, aviation ground power, switchgear components and naval low voltage applications.



The company has a wide range of specialist components for use in the military environment, including contactors, motor protection relays, switches, elapsed time meters, pushbutton stations and electronic control cards. It is also experienced in providing fit, form and function replacements for obsolete products. Whippendell Marine is an expert in advanced motor control, variable speed drive systems, soft starts systems and conventional starters, for a wide variety of applications including HVAC, pumps, steering gear, stabilisers, lifts, winches, RAS equipment and deck machinery.



These can be designed around its own ranges of components, or to meet the customers specific requirements. Whippendell Marine is a leader in aviation ground power systems for naval platform, airfield and hangar applications, providing conversion machinery and distribution systems employing advanced power management control. The company also manufactures and supplies control panels, distribution panels, supply changeover and isolation switches, data loggers and plant automation systems, as well as many ancillary electrical products. The business has always operated to the strictest quality standards and is approved to the latest ISO 9001:2008 international quality standard.

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