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Wood Harris Ltd

Defense Products & Services: Aiguillettes by Wood Harris Ltd
Defense Products & Services Sectors: Accoutrements, medals, insignia
Companies & Organizations: Wood Harris Ltd
Description: Aiguillettes by Wood Harris Ltd

Aiguillettes by Wood Harris Ltd

Anti Riot Suit by Wood Harris Ltd

Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) by Wood Harris Ltd

Bullet Proof Ceramic Plate

Camouflage Cloth

Coast Guard & Naval Bouyancy Vest WHL-071

Combat Ballistic Helmet Boltless

Combat Boots Police & Military

Combat Socks

Desert Boots

Desert Combat Boots

Dog Bulletproof Vest WHL-K9

Fast Helmet

Female Bulletproof Vest WHL-004

Flight Suit

Full Protection Vest

Full Protection Vest WHL-053

Full Protection Vest WHL-062


Gorgets Clip-On Collar Patch

Ladies Felt Hats

Lost luggage Explosion Suppression System - Anti-Explosive Blanket

M65 Jacket

Military Navy Officers Coat

Military Poncho

Military Rain Coat

Modular Tactical Vest WHL-003

Officers Boots

Pads Knee & Elbow

PASGT Helmet with Mounts

Peaked Cap

Pistol Holster

Plate Carrier

Police Cap / Patrol Cap

Police Vest WHL-006

Portable Protection Ballistic Blanket

Portable Protection Ballistic Briefcase


Rain Coat for Navy

Seaman's Cap

Shoulder Boards

Single shade webbing belts

Stable Belts and Cross Belts


Tactical Vest WHL-002

Tactical Vest WHL-017

Tactical Vest WHL-031


Under Body Armour Shirt

Uniform Cloth

Universal Holster

Webbing Belts Printed

Woolen Berets by Wood Harris Ltd