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Wyman-Gordon Forgings
10825 Telge Road
Houston, TX 77240

Wyman-Gordon Forgings


Wyman-Gordon is a worldwide supplier to the aerospace and industrial gas turbine markets. The company holds quality accreditations for all of the major airframe and engine manufacturers for both civil and military applications.


Wyman-Gordon creates rotating closed-die forgings which are critical for aerospace and land-based gas turbines. Wyman-Gordon also manufactures structural forgings for airframe, nuclear, petrochemical, power generation, and space applications. Wyman-Gordon is the premier forging company for the global aerospace and energy markets. Providing a specialized service, Wyman-Gordon manufactures forged components from high grade titanium and nickel based alloys. Such components are used for jet engines, including fan disks, compressor disks, turbine disks, and shafts.



The company also produces titanium and steel forgings for airframes, including wing beams, wing boxes, door and window frames, as well as nacelle and landing gear components. Wyman-Gordon also extrudes steel products for use in power plants and oil and gas industry applications. Wyman-Gordon Houston spans 500 acres and has 1,500,000 sq ft of manufacturing space. At the heart of its operations are a 12,000-ton horizontal extrusion press, 20,000-ton closed-die press, 29,000-ton closed-die press, 35,000-ton vertical extrusion press, and Advanced Product Development facility all supported by Heat Treatment, Material Handling, Tool & Die Machining and both Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection facilities.

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Wyman-Gordon Forgings is a brand of PCC Forged Products.