Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego PZL-Swidnik SA
Aleja Lotników Polskich 1
21-045 Świdnik

Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego PZL-Swidnik SA


With over 60 years of experience and having produced over 7,400 helicopters, PZL-Świdnik is the only Polish OEM with the capabilities to undertake helicopter design, research & development, system integration, manufacturing, support, training and upgrades. The company’s range of rotorcraft can perform the complete spectrum of commercial and government roles.



PZL-Świdnik is also a major industrial partner in the aerospace industry, supplying aerostructures to many of the world’s leading manufacturers. PZL- Świdnik has almost 60 years tradition in both commercial and military helicopter market. Offered products are light single-engine SW-4, intermediate twin-engine W-3A Sokół, and medium twin-engine AW149 designed for the modern battlefield and government agencies. Furthermore, PZL Świdnik continue to maintain technical support of two twin-engine helicopters: Mi-2 and Kania, production of which was stopped. PZL-Świdnik SA guarantees service and spare parts delivery during warranty and in after warranty period.

Manufacturer of Armaments
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PZL-Świdnik has been an AgustaWestland company since 2010.