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Zodiac Arresting Systems America
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Zodiac Arresting Systems America


Zodiac Arresting Systems America (formerly known as Esco) is the world leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft arresting systems.
From the earliest days of aviation (air mail pick-up) and for over seventy years, the company has developed products for the controlled deceleration of aircraft, including the Space Shuttle. 


As a supplier of emergency aerosafety solutions, the company has perfected the science of creating energy absorption solutions for military and commercial aircraft around the world, with the benefit of saving lives and aircraft. The company has also channeled this expertise into related, yet diverse areas such as perimeter security/containment, vehicle arresting systems (VAS) and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) launch and recovery.


Zodiac Arresting Systems America is certified in both ISO 9001 and Lean Manufacturing principles.

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