Future Armoured Vehicles Active Protection Systems 2022

06/02/2022 to 06/03/2022

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As armed forces continue to prioritise dealing with near-peer adversaries, and with passive protection measures reaching their physical limit, integrating advanced vehicle protection systems, and particularly active protection systems (APS), as a means of improving survivability signatures continues to grow in importance.These systems can intercept ballistic weaponry through kinetic methods (Hard-Kill) or by interfering with warhead guidance and tracking systems (Soft-Kill). As the scope of APS and its potential continues to grow, armed forces around the world increasingly pursue the development and application of an integrated, modular mission system, in which best-of-field components can be introduced and selected to meet specific requirements.



As the only conference of its kind, Future Armored Vehicles Protection Systems USA, will provide unique briefings on the development and integration of Active Protection Systems, as well as the wider vehicle protection suites employed by armed forces around the world. These briefings will include insight into Modular Systems and architecture, Hard-Kill and Soft-Kill technology, layered approaches to survivability and battle proven systems.





1. New for 2022: Maintaining an emphasis on the development and integration of advanced Modular Active Protection Systems, 2022 will provide a more holistic agenda discussing the wider advancements in platform survivability as well as training and integration efforts

2. Listen firsthand to briefings from senior US officers discussing the integration of vehicle protection systems and the capability requirements for US armored vehicles

3. Engage with leading international personnel, discussing the integration and development of bespoke systems and the challenges to guaranteeing mission readiness

4. Understand the opportunities for industry to engage in the future of armored vehicle survivability, with the US and international partners continuing to develop innovative technology at a rapid rate

5. Network with the field-leading decision makers, who will define the future of armored vehicle protection systems and survivability for years to come




Key Speakers:


Major General (Ret.) Brian Cummings, Former Program Executive Officer, PEO Ground Combat Systems



Brigadier General Charles T. Lombardo, Deputy Commanding General Combined Arms Center Training, Combined Arms Center

Mr. James Amato, Executive Technical Director / Deputy to the Commander, Army Test and Evaluation Command

Mr Patrick Thompson, Technical Director, Survivability Evaluation Directorate, Army Evaluation Center

Colonel William Venable, Project Manager, Stryker Brigade Combat Team, PEO Ground Combat Systems

Colonel Jeffery Jurand, Project Manager, Maneuver Combat Systems, PEO Ground Combat Systems

Colonel Ryan Howell, Project Manager, Main Battle Tank Systems, PEO Ground Combat Systems

Ms. Lisa Gronowski, Project Manager, Vehicle Protection Systems, PEO Ground Combat Systems

Colonel Esli Pitts, Director of Training and Doctrine, Maneuver Center of Excellence

Colonel Kevin Chaney, Project Manager, Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft, PEO Aviation Lieutenant

Colonel Jonathan Bodenhamer, Director, Combat Systems Integration Directorate, Army Futures Command

Major Gary P. Flowers II, Mobile Protected Firepower/ Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle, Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team

Mr. Mark Cancian, Senior adviser, Center for Strategic and International Studies




Mr. Richard Hooper, Programme Manager, Dstl, UK Ministry of Defence Assoc.

Prof. Stanislav Rolc, Chief of Division, Material Engineering and Active Protection Lead, Czech Military Research Institute

Dr Jan Krestan, Materials Engineering Division, Czech Military Research Institute  

Mr. Rob Baker, Discipline Lead, Advanced Vehicle Protection, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australian Department of Defence



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