MILEX 2017

05/20/2017 to 05/22/2017


Minsk, Belarus
“Minsk-Arena”, 111 Pobediteley ave., and the airport “Minsk-1”, 38 Chkalova str.
Tel.: +375 17 237 71 18
Fax: +375 17 334 02 55

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Minsk, Belarus
“Minsk-Arena”, 111 Pobediteley ave.
Tel.: +375 17 237 71 18
Fax: +375 17 334 02 55

We would like to invite you to participate in the 8th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery “MILEX-2017” that will be held in May 20 – 22, 2017 in the pavilion “Minsk-Arena” situated in 111 Pobediteley ave., Minsk, Belarus and the airport “Minsk-1” situated in 38 Chkalova str., Minsk, Belarus. The organizers of the exhibition are the National Exhibition Center “BelExpo” under the Presidential Property Management Directorate of the Republic of Belarus, State Military-Industrial Committee and Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus.



In July, 2014 the 7th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery “MILEX-2014” was held in Minsk. More than 170 enterprises, scientific-research institutes, higher educational establishments, trade firms and companies as well as 14 foreign representative offices accredited in the Republic of Belarus took part in the exhibition.



More than 50 thousand people including more than 12 thousand specialists occupied in the sphere of defense visited the 7 th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery. The exhibition was also visited by official foreign delegations from more than 40 countries.

The work of the exhibition was reported by journalists from 70 periodicals, TV-channels, information agencies, radio-channels.



The main thematic content of the 8th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery “MILEX – 2017” is:

  • Armored machinery
  • Missile, artillery and shooting arms
  • Short- and medium-range air defense systems
  • Hi-tech equipment and systems
  • Ammunition, special chemistry, ground measuring equipment
  • Optic-electronic equipment and systems
  • Safety methods and security facilities (radiation and chemical protection, biological shielding)
  • Technical means and systems provided for armies
  • Information systems and systems for information protection
  • Transport means: automobiles and tractors
  • Aviation, rocket and extraterrestrial complexes. Aerospace technologies
  • Aircraft navigation complexes and automatic control systems
  • Technologies and technical equipment of double application
  • Road, building, loading means and mechanisms
  • Modernization and repair of military machinery and arms
  • Equipment and technologies for utilization of armament, military machinery and ammunition
  • Military establishments of higher education and military training establishments
  • Equipment for salvage operations in the conditions of natural calamities and emergency situations, fire-extinguishing equipment and means
  • Military medicine
  • Military research basis
  • Ammunition, clothes and special accessories
  • Individual armored equipment



The main goal of the exhibition is a broad presentation of the products of the belarusian military industry, introduction of new developments in the field of high technologies, demonstration the possibilities of the companies engaged in the modernization and repair of military equipment, providing services to the Armed Forces.

The organizers of the 8th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery “MILEX – 2017” and the 7th International scientific conference on military-technical cooperation in the field of defense and security are ready to hold this event at a high professional level.



In case you have any questions concerning the participation or attending the exhibition, please, contact the project manager –Sergey Rubtsov

Tel +375 17 237 71 18,

Fax +375 17 334 02 55,