Food Containers by CP Cases

The CP Cases food container NSN 7660-21-913-1135 (modified) is manufactured from food-grade high density polyethylene coloured in olive drab green and is designed to hold standard gastronorm trays.


The top and bottom shell assemblies are impervious to corrosion, are resistant to surface damage, are totally immersible in water and are washable in commercial dishwashers at temperatures of 82 degrees centigrade without breaking or becoming distorted.


The continuous silicon rubber sealing gasket can be removed for washing if required and is easily and quickly replaceable if damaged.


An integral pressure/vacuum relief valve automatically relieves any differential in pressure.


The top cover is secured by six stainless steel, quick-release over- centre fasteners flush mounted to prevent damage and snagging of clothing.


The containers have integral handles and stacking features to enable stacking six high.


This container has been in use since 1997 with over 20,000 in service in the Canadian Army, Air Force, Navy, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Alberta Fire Service. They have been used in active service from the Arctic to Afghanistan.


Rugged Food Containers features


- Designed to take one 25 litre gastronorm food pan 530 x 325 x 150 mm; or two 10 litre gastronorm food pans


- Can be machine-washed to 82 degrees centigrade


- Removable lid with six stainless steel, quick release over-centre catches, flush mounted to prevent snagging of environmental clothing


- A heat loss of no more than 11 degrees centigrade over two hours



- Permits a container three quarter filled with water to withstand a drop of 1000 mm without sustaining any damage or leakage.

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Food Containers

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