Satellite Communication Packaging System by CP Cases

CP Cases can provide a complete satellite communication packaging system for military and broadcast applications that are deployed in the field.


We create solutions that can be adapted or customised to fit satellite dishes and are also designed to operate out of the case. Communications equipment can be fitted into 19 inch anti vibration mounted racks creating a tough transport and deployment system.


Racks can be fitted with angled elastomeric or wire rope vibration mounts to meet specific payloads or impact and/or vibration applications.


Racks can also shield valuable equipment from impact, UV and extreme temperatures when fitted with air conditioning units, which provide cooling in hot or humid climates and heating in arctic conditions.


Satellite Communications features


- Customisable anti vibration mounts


- Watertight


- Bespoke cases


- Air Conditioning available


- Specialist foam design service available to provide tailored cushioning in high quality “closed cell” polyethylene foam.

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