FN40GL® Mk2 Grenade Launcher by FN Herstal

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FN Herstal SA
Voie de Liege 33
B-4040 Herstal

The FN40GL® Mk2 grenade launcher has been designed and developed by FN Herstal to fit onto either the FN SCAR®-L or the FN SCAR®-H model. It can also be used as a stand-alone grenade launcher when attached to a buttstock assembly.




Seamlessly integrates with the rifle using a trigger adapter and dual locking clamp levers (adds no length to the overall rifle)

Both triggers can be pulled without changing hand position

Light and compact stand-alone grenade launcher thanks to its retractable buttstock

Leaf sight attached to either side rail of the host weapon for high accuracy

Fast assembly and disassembly

Automatic ejection and easy chamber inspection




FN40GL® Mk2                                FN40GL®-L Mk2                             FN40GL®-S Mk2

                                                      & FN40GL®-H Mk2


Caliber                                                                                 40mm LV

Operating principle                                               Pump action, rotary locking

Muzzle velocity                                                                   76m/s

Capacity                                                                               Single shot

Length                                           Same as host weapon                       Extended buttstock:


                                                                                                                 Retracted buttstock:


Weight                                              ~ 1.40 kg (3.08 lb)                         ~  2.92 kg (6.43 lb)

Weight of stand-alone buttstock       N/A                                                ~  1.41 kg (3.10 lb)

Weight of leaf sight                                                   0.120 kg (0.26 lb)


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