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Ensure that your required Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) data is delivered where it needs to go through our web-based data delivery system.  Speed distribution, updating and verification of data -- including logging, confirmation and problem reports.


Your EFB administrator will have a single, common user interface.  That will make it easier to properly configure software selections and define EFB data loads to tail numbers, pilots, and devices.




Provides a pathway for updating EFB software and databases

Allows for quality assurance and validation of EFB content

Monitors and administers EFBs

Features approval workflows for both content and content's recipients

Offers e-mail notification of content availability, approval, and delivery

Provides auditing and reporting on content and recipient activity delivery

Offers customization of recipients for EFBs, portable data loaders, wireless access, desktop and servers

Is operationally approved and used by the world's EFB leaders




Hosted edition.  We manage storage and computing systems for you.  You benefit from:


- reduced implementation time

- fewer ongoing costs if you are a small to medium operator


Local Edition.  The system is part of your IT infrastructure.  You benefit from:


- greater content control

- reduced impact from Internet bottlenecks

- greater control over security

- possible integration with your back-end systems

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