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For commercial airlines, military and business aviation operators, OpsData provides you with the data and tools to support regulatory performance requirements. OpsData offers convenient access to all your data via the web based platform and from there gives you a variety of options for data export, including email and PDF downloads from JRA and a wide variety of output formats for Airport Data.


Features and benefits include:


- Web-based interface allows for 24/7 access to the performance calculations and airport data

- Reduced time spent on manual flight data tasks

- Increased airline cargo and improved operational process

- Faster decision-making and compliance with aviation regulatory requirements


With over 200 different aircraft/engine combinations deployed for use by customers today, our performance modules use take-off and landing calculations either obtained directly from the manufacturer or developed in house by the software development team. These in-house modules are tested and validated to within a 1% tolerance margin.


Plus, our airport data product is based on the most complete and up-to-date airport, terrain, and obstacle database. Data and procedures are continuously being reviewed and updated based on changes to navigation data and NOTAM updates. Engine out procedures are designed to meet regulatory requirements while at the same time maximizing payload. Custom procedures and graphical procedures are available to enhance your experience.


Jeppesen calculates performance data and provides the following capabilities

- Calculations for a specific aircraft at a given runway with exact temperature, wind and runway conditions around the world.

- Web interface allows you to run your own calculations for a single point (single temperature and wind condition) or table (multiple temperatures and wind conditions) for specific aircraft at all available worldwide airports to allow for various planning scenarios.


Jeppesen offers airport data in a variety of formats


- Web interface allows you to download your own data at your


- Graphical representation of engine-out procedures are available


Ad hoc service


Need to fly into an airport not in the current OpsData database? We can provide airport analysis, upon request, for thousands of airports worldwide in 24 hours or less, based on the most extensive array of airport and terrain information available.


In addition, we include product training for your crews at either our Jeppesen facilities or at your location.

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