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Two of the industry's most trusted names have joined together to help military flying units lower operating costs and increase efficiency by more effectively managing fuel costs, credit management, and transaction processing.  Jeppesen and World Fuel Services offer attractive pricing and credit terms through combined worldwide purchasing power and supply relations with major oil companies and nationalized oil concerns. 


World Fuel Services is the largest independent fuel marketer, providing credit to customers throughout the world.  We offer fuel at a competitive price at over 1,800 locations worldwide.  World Fuel Services is the marketer of choice for the major oil companies and is immediately recognized as a longstanding, credit-worthy, and preferred trading partner.  Dependable fuel availability is supported by an efficient operating system that tracks a customer's fuel-related components, including taxes, into plane, and other fees.




24 hours, 365 day service

Flexible credit terms

Into-storage and into-wing delivery points

Scheduled, charter, cargo, and ad-hoc fuel supply

Fixed forward priced fuel contracts/hedging




Favorable financing, pricing, and credit terms

Fuel available at more locations than most competitors

Fuel dispatch available 24 hours a day

Communicate by phone, email, SITA/ARINC, or AFTN

Bulk delivery is offered for operators maintaining their own fuel supply

Jeppesen World Fuel Services handles all the paperwork and invoices directly

Detailed breakdown of applicable taxes and fees are included with any price quote

Quick and easy account set-up is possible with a minimum amount of red tape

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