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The Alford Strip™ is a high-efficiency tamped strip charge used to split wooden doors and windows, cut laminated glass and breach uPVC doors. It enables users to use, typically ¼ to ⅓ of the NEQ needed to breach using untamped charges.


Made as a plastic extrusion, it is filled with a stiff water-based gel which gives enhanced tamping combined with ease of use and minimal fragmentation.


It was designed to reduce the NEQ of strip charges to a bare minimum.  Simplicity of use and speed of deployment were the primary considerations in its design.


The Alford Strip™ is provided in two charge sizes; 25mm and 42mm diameter.  The 25mm Alford Strip™ is provided in sets of 2 x 1m or 3 x 65cm lengths, and the 42mm Alford Strip™ is provided in 1m and 50cm lengths.  Corner pieces allow frame charges to be quickly assembled for cutting windows.


25mm Alford Strip™


Name                                                 Part No.          NSN No.                      Contents


Alford Strip™ 25mm – Set 1              AS3011          1375-99-814-3893       2 x 1m lengths, 4 x Endcaps

Alford Strip™ 25mm – Set 2              AS3021          1375-99-553-3258       3 x 0.65m lengths, 6 x Endcaps

Alford Strip™ 25mm – Set 3              AS3041          1375-99-175-1767       4 x 0.25m lengths, 8 x Endcaps

Alford Strip™ 25mm – Set 4              AS3901          1375-99-241-8192       2 x 1m, 3 x 0.65m, 3 x 0.25m lengths,

                                                                                                                      1 x corner set, 2 x t-joint sets

Corner Set (25mm)                            AS3032          1375-99-168-5280       4 per pack

T-Joint Set (25mm)                            AS3033          1375-99-308-1394       4 per pack

Endcap Set (25mm)                           AS3031          1375-99-152-0436       4 per pack


42mm Alford Strip™


Name                                                 Part No.           NSN No.                      Contents


Alford Strip™ 42mm – Set 1              AK1901          1375-99-219-9090       2 x 1m lengths, 2 x 0.5m lengths,

                                                                                                                      4 x corners, 2 x det cord clips

Alford Strip™ 42mm – Set 2              AK1902          1375-99-188-6019       2 x 1m lengths

Alford Strip™ 42mm – Set 3              AK1903          1375-99-840-5171       3 x 0.5m lengths

Corner Set (42mm)                            AK1904          1375-99-553-9475       4 per pack

Endcap Set (42mm)                           AK1905          1375-99-906-3560       8 per pack





HydroTape™             HT1015         751099-153-6251     1 Roll

Breacher's Tape™    TP1501         7510-99-497-9503     1 Roll

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