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Gatecrasher Modular™ is a water tamped charge used to breach thick concrete or brick walls. It has been designed as a charge that offers much of the same performance as the Gatecrasher™ but in a smaller form, making it ideal for situations where carrying a fully loaded Gatecrasher™ or frame charge is not possible.


The modular version consists of straight modules which are used in arrays to build charges of different sizes and loads. Each module is slid into a mesh sleeve which keeps the explosive load safe and these sleeves velcro onto the Tactical Sleeve. Charges may be rolled up and still rapidly set, even when deploying from tight environments such as helicopters.


With many years of experience designing and producing SF equipment we have designed the Gatecrasher Modular™ from the ground up to be as user-friendly and simple to use as possible, while giving performance previously unachievable in a man-portable system.


There are two versions available, the Type 1 which has an explosive charge in contact with the target, and Type 2 which has a linear cutting charge in it for maximum penetration. The surrounding water jacket greatly reduces the velocity of projected fragments and reduces the danger to operators by quenching the hot explosive gases. The power of the explosive is greatly enhanced, and the blast greatly reduced, by the water jacket although beyond-target debris projection is minimised.


Name                                                 Part No.          NSN No.                      Contents


Gatecrasher Modular – Type 1         GM1901        1375-99-241-8238         4 Modules & 1 Tactical Sleeve

Gatecrasher Modular – Type 2         GM1902        1375-99-368-1324         4 Modules & 1 Tactical Sleeve




Tactical Sleeve                                  GM2005        1375-99-498-9674         1 Sleeve

HydroTape                                         HT1015         7510-99-153-6251         1 Roll

Breacher's Tape                                 TP1501         7510-99-497-9503         1 Roll

Det Cord Clip                                     DC1901        1375-99-668-6505          20 per pack

Mini Det Cord Clip                              DC2901       1375-99-155-5887          20 per pack

Det Cord Junction Clip                       DJ1901                                                20 per pack

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