Mini Breacher's Boot™ Charge by Alford Technologies

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The Mini Breacher's Boot™ is a small water tamped charge used to kick in doors. It is smaller and lighter than the Breacher’s Boot™ and is designed specifically to fit on the side panels of uPVC and wooden doors. It is a highly versatile charge that allows the operator to use it against a wide range of targets by simply adjusting the explosive load and number of charges used.


The Breacher’s Boot™ has been successfully used in the arrest of terror suspects and the Breacher’s Boot™ and Mini Breacher’s Boot™ are now the only charges of their kind approved for use by the British police forces.


Designed for optimal performance and ergonomics, consistency, simplicity, low NEQ, ease of use, size and weight were the primary considerations. As such, the Mini Breacher’s Boot™ takes the improvisation out of door breaching, finally giving operators the ideal tool for the job.


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Mini Breacher's Boot              BR1002                                 1 Charge

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