Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD) Kit by Alford Technologies

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The Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD) Kit provides Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams with a comprehensive selection of user-filled explosive charges.  The CMD Kit contains two types of explosive charges which can be used for point-focal or linear cutting tasks.  The kit of charges can undertake a variety of explosive tasks including bomb disposal, trepanning, low-order deflagration, demolitions and deliberate ordnance detonation. 

Charges include:


- Copper lined linear-cutting charges – used for demolition and linear-cutting

- Shaped charges – used for all UXO and conventional munitions disposal

- Projectiles and accessories – includes a variety of projectiles; magnesium, copper, aluminium & liquid projectiles


The Universal Demolition Block (UDB) can be added to provide a demolition capability to the kit.  Spare charges and accessories can be purchased as they are consumed.

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