Split Screw by Alford Technologies

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The Split Screw is used in conjunction with the Plain Detonator Adaptor (PDA) and provides an effective way of securing the detonator into the charge without risk of the detonator becoming loose or falling out.  Also available with a dummy detonator which allows you to set up the charge with a dummy detonator ensuring the explosive can accommodate the detonator effectively.  When ready, replace the dummy detonator with the live detonator.  Assists operator safety.


Name                                     Part No.          NSN                                Contents


Split Screw                             CP0011         1385-99-471-2589            Pack of 1

Dummy Detonator Set           CP0014         1385-99-833-2410            Pack of 1

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Description: Split Screw
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Split Screw

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