BLASTech Crew Seat by Jankel Armouring

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Jankel searched for a seat to mitigate the effects of a blast and did not find one that met our exacting standards. We chose to build our own rather than settle for second-best.


Energy Attenuation Seat Technology has been tested extensively by Jankel, trialled independently by UK and US government laboratories and delivered in large numbers to a variety of customers. To date Jankel have sold over 60,000 seats worldwide. Key features include a unique an automatic weight adjustment system and reset mechanism for the secondary (slam down) event. BLASTech seating is in MRAP vehicles around the world.




Flexible mounting (floor / rear / roof)

Full functionality (Fore / aft and elevation)

Auto weight adjustability

5-point harness as standard

Proven, rugged, consistent and in-service multi axial mitigation system and seat design – military off the shelf solution

Strong attachment rails designed and tested against severe blast loads, including lateral loadings

Fully certified to road legislation requirements

Mass – from 25kg

Patented recovery system allows use of a minimum of 200% of stroke under seat for energy absorption

Attenuation for primary and secondary loads, each exceeding 9.3 m/s over 5 ms (reported maximum delta-V from MGA test)

Certification to US and UK safety requirements (inc FMVSS 207 / 208 / 210)

Seat exceeds material flammability requirements of FMVSS 302

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