Rapid Reaction Vehicle RRV by Jankel Armouring

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Tactical vehicles need modularity to fulfil a variety of roles in order to offer the most cost effective capability. The Fox Rapid Reaction Vehicle (RRV) has been designed with enhanced weight carrying capacity, internal CH-47 air transportability and increased off-road agility to push the boundaries of payload, mobility and performance.


Product Specifications:


Max Speed:120kph

Fuel Capacity: 90 litres (130 litre optional)

Fuel: diesel (petrol optional)

Typical Range: 900km (1,300km optional)

Left and right hand drive positions

Wading: 700mm

Step climb: 300mm


The FOX RRV is made for the following operations:


Recovery of personnel, including hostage operations

Extracting, protecting and supporting military withdrawal from a crisis zone

Evacuating, protecting and safe-guarding noncombatants from a crisis zone

First-entry / preventative deployment to prevent conflict or separate warring factions


The FOX RRV is used for:


Special Forces Operations: Direct action, special reconnaissance and military assistance

Humanitarian Situations: Security and relief during natural or other catastrophes and crises


The RRV is designed for varying environments:

Normal trafficked roads (compliant with European homologation)

Rough terrain not intended for normal traffic, without impacting the weight carry capacity of the vehicle and not affected by adverse weather.

Off roads with minimal impact to weight carrying capacity

Cross country, varying terrain or over unforeseen obstacles

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