Eoptris 360 Electro Optical Ranging and Imaging System by OIP Sensor Systems

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The EOPTRIS 360 is a multi-pur¬pose stabilized sight, with accurate dual-axis gyro stabilization platform equipped with a wide range of advanced sensor array to provide 24 hours observation and surveillance capabilities.


The EOPTRIS 360 is designed for main battle tanks and armoured fighting vehicles. The system is very compact, robust and has an open architecture for easy integration.




Long-range target acquisition for land and navy applications

Independent surveillance

Fire on the move


Features & options


Geolocalisation (INS)

Target tracking capabilities

Observation scanning function

Enslavement of line-of-sight to external systems



Technical Specifications


Thermal Imager (uncooled)                                               Stabilized platform   

Wavelength                                                8-12 μm          Stabilization accuracy                    < 100 μrad

WFOV                                                        14,3°               Slaving / pointing accuracy            < 150 μrad

NFOV                                                         4,6°                 Angular range in elevation              -20° /+ 50°

Resolution                                        640 (H) x 480 (V)      Angular range in azimuth               n x 360° continuous

                                                                                           Drift performance                            < 0.4 mrad/10sec


Day Camera                                                                         

Sensor                                                       1/4” CCD color            Weight                                  < 36 kg

Horizontal FOV                                          42° - 1.7°                    

Optical zoom ratio                                      26 x                            Dimensions (LxWxH)           250 mm x 100 mm x 400 mm

Digital zoom ratio                                       12 x                 

Sensitivity                                                   0,7 lux                          Environmentals                    MIL-STD-810F


Laser Range Finder                                                                      Electronics & Power units  

Type                                                Class 1 Eye safe                   Power supply                         28VDC (MIL-STD-1275B & D)

Wavelength                                                 1,54 μm                     Power consumption             < 100 W peak

Range                                                          30 - 8000 m              Communication interface     RS422, CAN BUS, Ethernet

Range accuracy                                           +/- 5 m                       

Range at NATO target                                 5000 m                       


Thermal Imager (cooled)                                                  

Wavelength                                                  3-5 μm                        

WFOV                                                          25°                   

NFOV                                                           2°                     

Resolution                                                    640 (H) x 512 (V)  

Defense Products & Services: Eoptris 360 Electro Optical Ranging and Imaging System by OIP Sensor Systems
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Description: Eoptris 360 Electro Optical Ranging and Imaging System
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