LRS8 Fire Control System by OIP Sensor Systems

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The LRS 8 is the next generation of the successfully integrated LRS family of fire control systems.


The compact housing comprises all elements of a fire control system to increase the first hit probability of a vehicle mounted gun. Images are generated electronically and displayed on an LCD screen, allowing integration flexibility and optimal ergonomics for the gunner.


Compact and easy to install


The LRS 8 is even more compact than its predecessor and can be built into most types of armoured vehicles while interference with the turret is kept to a minimum.


Easy to use and maintain


The flexibility of the large colour LCD screen allows a very user friendly operation. The electronic computing allows extensive fire control and diagnostic modes. The solid state electronic and opto-electronic modules are very reliable and require minimal maintenance.




Video day channel

Back-up optical day channel

Night channel

Eye-safe Laser Range Finder

Ballistic Computer

Colour LCD Monitor

Link to Gun






Easy to install

Easy to use

Easy to maintain

High reliability





Monitor for Commander

Meteo sensor

Cant angle sensor


Technical Specifications


Day Colour Zoom Camera                                                     Display, Flat Panel LCD          

Minimum horizontal FOV:                         1.8°                       Size:                                 10 inch LCD

Maximum horizontal FOV:                        16.8°                     Resolution:                       800x600 pixels

Focus:                                                       automatic              Controls:                          softkeys

Contrast, brightness:                                 automatic              Option:                            Commander display

Overexposure:                                          Protected through iris closure                        


Night Image Itensified Channel                                               Power Supply              

Horizontal FOV:                                        7°                           Voltage:                           24VDC nominal

Focus:                                                       fix focus > 100m    Power:                             250Watt max (50Watt nom)

Contrast, brightness:                                adjustable                       

Zoom:                                                       3° to 7°                   Mechanical       

                                                                                                Weight:                            25 kg

                                                                                                Environmentals:              MIL-STD-810E


Eyesafe Laser Range Finder                                 

Maximum range:                                       10.000m        

Minimum range:                                        75m                     

Resolution:                                                +/- 5m                 


Combat horizontal FOV:                            7°                         

Back-up horizontal sight magnification:     4x                       

Excursion range down:                             -10°                     

Excursion range up:                                 +35°  

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