Micro Orbis Stabilized Electro Optical Payload by OIP Sensor Systems

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OIP Sensor Systems
Westerring 21
9700 Oudenaarde

The Micro Orbis is the latest member of the battle-proven Orbis stabilized EO payload family in use worldwide.




Ultra-lightweight, extremely compact design, optimized for installation on small maritime platforms

Cutting-edge electro-optical technology, delivering superb day and night observation & surveillance capabilities, even in harsh weather conditions

Single LRU integrating four EO elements, large format continuous zoom thermal imager, zoom color TV camera with low light mode, target illuminator and eye-safe laser range finder (ELRF)

High stabilization level in a harsh sea state

Meets even the most severe environmental requirements




Coastal patrol

Riverine operations

Special forces


Search & Rescue


Main advantages


Stabilized real-time video

Long range continuous zoom thermal imager and zoom color CCD camera

Automatic tracking of observed targets

Lightweight, compact design with low power consumption

Simple and straight forward installation utilizing single LRU configuration and minimum cabling

Interface with platforms, fire control and navigation systems

Defense Products & Services: Micro Orbis Stabilized Electro Optical Payload by OIP Sensor Systems
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Country: Belgium
Description: Micro Orbis Stabilized Electro Optical Payload
Source of Information: OIP Sensor Systems