Viniris Visible Near-Infrared Imaging System by OIP Sensor Systems

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OIP Sensor Systems
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OIP’s visible and near-infrared imaging system Viniris is a generic VIS/NIR CCD camera that consists of 3 major SRUs: visible/NIR observation unit, environment conditioning unit and a self-diagnostics unit. Viniris was especially developed to use on fire control systems, remotely operated weapon stations and recognition systems.


The system was designed as a line replaceable unit (LRU). The concept results in a hermetically sealed enclosure with shop replaceable units (SRU’s) in an open frame architecture. This approach results in a lightweight and modular product.


The basic architecture and the modular approach enable the adoption of different configurations.




Surveillance and reconnaissance

Target acquisition

Fire control system

Specially adapted for vehicle weapon station




Compact design

TV camera for day observation

Laser range fi nder for different targets and varying visibility conditions (Laser version)

Ruggedized for combat vehicle environmental conditions

Remote control via communication link

Interface to central command & control


Technical Specifications


Sensor type:                                       CCD                                             Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm:          210 x 90 x 120

Pixels:                                                .63 MP (NTSC) .74 MP (PAL)       Weight:                                               < 2kg

Optical zoom:                                     26x                                               Power supply:                                     18-32V DC

Digital zoom:                                      12x                                               Power consumption:                           10W (22W peak)

WFOV:                                                42 °                                              Communication protocol:                    RS422

NFOV:                                                 1,6°                                              Environmentals:                                  MIL-STD-810F

Output:                                                CCIR PAM / CCIR BW or Y/C     EMI/EMC:                                            MIL-STD-461E

Defense Products & Services: Viniris Visible Near-Infrared Imaging System by OIP Sensor Systems
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Country: Belgium
Description: Viniris Visible Near-Infrared Imaging System
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