S.I.M. PRO Seat by Cleeman Simulator Seats

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Cleemann Simulator Seats a division of Cleemann Chair-Systems GmbH
Auf den Trohnen 6
59469 Ense, Germany
Tel.: +49-2938-98769-0
Fax: +49-2938-98769-50


Cleemann Chair-Systems GmbH
Auf den Trohnen 6 ·
59469 Ense · Germany
Tel.: +49 2938 98769-0
Fax: +49-2938-98769-50

The S.I.M. Pro-seat is probably the most comfortable seat on the market. This highly ergonomical, professional seat comes in a premium design and corresponds to the highest standards of ergonomics, comfort and functionality. With just a few adjustments, it turns into a fully customized seat that precisely meets each individual requirements. The innovative ergonomic basic shape and easy-to-use controls promote a healthy posture at all time.



Serial Features

High comfort-backrest

Foldable armrests

Seat angle adjustment

Adjustable backrest

Seat rotates 360°

Foldable footrest

Fabric or real leather, black




Electrical height adjustment

Seat heater



Custom upholstery




Deck rail

Controller equipped armrest  

Seat top only for direct mounting or mounted on box  

Defense Products & Services: S.I.M. PRO Seat by Cleeman Simulator Seats
Defense Products & Services Sectors: Seats, flight simulator
Country: Germany
Description: The picture shows the S.I.M. Pro seat with standard armrests, upholstered in black leather, incl. a logo stitch. The seat is mounted on a 360° turntable and a mechanical lifting column. The footrest is height adjustable and swivels together with the seat. The system is mounted on a deck rail. The ramp-frame avoids stumbling over sharp edges.
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