МАLYUTKA - 2 Anti-Tank Guided Missile

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The Malutka anti-tank guided missile system (ATGM) has been in service in a large number of countries for several decades, asserting itself as a reliable weapon in anti-tank combat with manual and semi-automatic guidance.



Since this system belongs to the second generation of long range ATGMs, incapable of destruction of modern ERA tanks, and since the service life of these missiles has either already expired or will soon expire, Serbian defence industry have implemented a reliable solution that has improved (terminal efficiency etc.) the characteristcs of the missile and extended its service life (general overhaul).



Serbian defence industry  have developed, except  basic missile versions 9M14M and 9M14P1, an upgrade anti-tank missile version 9M14P1B1, as well as advanced missile family consisting of MALYUTKA 2T version intended for modern anti-armor combat by neutralization and destruction of main battle tanks and other combat vehicles protected with modern armor configurations and explosive reactive armour, as well as the MALYUTKA 2F version intended for destruction of fortified targets and troops.



Variant 9М14P1B1 is the modified basic missile 9М14P1, whose tip attachment increases  penetrability from 460 mm to 600 mm. The main improvements on MALYUTKA 2T and MALYUTKA 2F include a range of new warheads and fuzes, i,.e. improvements on the front of the missile, while the rear part of the missile with a new propellent and overhauled rocket motor parts, fin section and the coil with the micro-cable basically remain unchanged.


It is also to be noted that in the MALYUTKA 2F variant, the electronic guidance unit with the pertaining installation, earlier housed in the rear is now integrated in the front part of the missile.

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