155mm LU 107

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Nexter Munitions
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The LU 107 HE artillery shell while especially fitted for 39 calibre guns takes advantages of the technical progress derived from the 52 calibre technologies in terms of accuracy, capability and safety. Compared to the well known M107 artillery shell, this new product based on a similar ballistics features an extended range thanks to its design compatible with a full charge firing (more than 20%).

To be able to meet specific requirements, different LU 107 versions are offered:

• conventional explosive version,

• insensitive munition version (IM),

• reduced range version for training.


This shell can also be fired in 45 and 52 calibre gun with a modular charge system (limited to zone 5).

M107 profile

Maximum range in 39 calibre gun

22km (+22%)

Secured sealing for conventional explosive version

Defense Products & Services: 155mm LU 107
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Description: 155mm LU 107
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Nexter Munitions

155mm LU 107

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