26mm Pistol Fired Signal and Illumination Cartridge by KINTEX

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26 mm Pistol Fired Signal and Illumination Cartridges are intended for signalization in night and day conditions and for ground area illumination.


Class of explosion hazard: 1.4S UN 0405


Set comprises:

Cardboard cartridge case;

Primered Metallic cup;

Expelling charge;






-15 pcs. Cartridges are packed  in a plastic bag;
- 22 pcs. plastic bags are arranged in a wooden case.
Total – 330 units in wooden case

Overall dimensions, mm:

875x398x206 mm

Case weight:

26 kg (green / red)
28 kg (white)

Case volume:





Technical Characteristics:



overall height, mm
outer diameter, mm

26.1 ÷ 26.6

Types and colour

- signal/green or red
- illuminating/white

Burning time, s

from 6.5 to 9.5

Stars ascent height , m

over 90

Visibility of the signal:
- in day-time, km
- at night, km

not less than 2
not less than 7

Angle of cartrdiges firing
-for signal, degrees
-for illuminating, degrees

from 80 to 90
from 45 to 60

Area of illumination at night , m2

over 100


The article’s design and the production process ensure the stability at the time of transportation with all kinds of transport means.The articles are moisture resistant.



Shelf life by keeping in storage conditions – 10 years, if stored in standard packing of the producer.


Defense Products & Services: 26mm Pistol Fired Signal and Illumination Cartridge by KINTEX
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Pyrotechnics, illuminating | Pyrotechnics, signalling
Country: Bulgaria
Description: 26mm Pistol Fired Signal and Illumination Cartridge
Source of Information: Kintex