35-7 Rapid Deployment Shelter by VersarPPS

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Protection House, Sherbourne Drive
Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8HX

The 35-7 is a medium sized rapid deployment shelter in a highly portable and light-weight package. The standard model has multiple entry/exit points with side mesh windows and cover flaps. The shelter can be used for casualty management, surge capacity, temporary accommodation, situation management, or other mobile shelter needs.




Articulating internal frame with locking straps allows high speed deployment with high system integrity

Highly corrosion resistant powder coated aluminium frame

Highly flexible, tear resistant, UV stabilised and fire retardant fabric

Windows provide warm weather ventilation and ambient lighting


Technical Data


The RapidSHELTER Medium is a medium sized rapid deployment shelter in a highly portable and light weight package.


Dimensions (mm)


External (L x W x H)                       5240 x 4180 x 2680

Internal (L x W x H)                        5240 x 3640 x 2410

Stored (L x W x H)                         900 x 900 x 1000

Weight (kg)                                    130


Full system



Framework + skin                           1

Ground sheet                                  1        

Floor riser set                                   -

Repair & anchor kit                          1

Transport bag                                  1

Shelter raising Poles                        2

Full Length Windows                        2

Single Zip End Doors                       2

Heater Ports                                     4



Internal LED: 360 Light                    +

Transformer                                     +

Air heater and ducting                     +

Window Side Panel                          -

Single Zip End Door                         -

Double Zip Roll Up End Door           -

White Roof Panel                              -

Heavy Duty Groundsheet                  -

Disposable Groundsheet                   -

End to End Connection Strip            +

Diesel Generator                               +

Additional ports                                  -

Side doors                                         +

Add banners                                      +

Liners/divider curtains                       +

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