40 mm Jet Signal Cartridge for Gas Alert by KINTEX

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40 mm Jet Signal Cartridge is intended for sonic and light signalling of gas alert.


Set comprises:

- Launching tube

- Ignition device    

- Jet part        

- Sonic-illumination unit        

- Pressing cap






- 3 pcs in a air-tight polyethylene bag;

- 28 pcs polyethylene bags (paper wrapped) in a wooden case.



- overall height, mm
- outer diameter, mm


Sonic effect duration, s 

- not less than 11

Burning time of signal stars, s

- not less than 5

Ascent height of stars, m

-not less than 200 at angle of launching 85-900

Range of sonic effect and stars visibility, m

not less than 800

Stability:The article’s design and the production process ensure the stability at the time of transportation with all kinds of transport means.


The articles are moisture resistant.
No-failure performance.

The article has no-failure performance at percussion primer (scratch type) actuation by abrupt pulling of the cord or by feeding of electricity to the electrical igniter.

Shelf life by keeping in storage conditions – 10 years.

Defense Products & Services: 40 mm Jet Signal Cartridge for Gas Alert by KINTEX
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Pyrotechnics, illuminating
Country: Bulgaria
Description: 40 mm Jet Signal Cartridge for Gas Alert
Source of Information: Kintex