40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) by Hellenic Defence Systems

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Hellenic Defence Systems SA
1, Ilioupoleos Ave.
172 36 - Hymettus, Attica

Acclaimed as the technologically superior automatic grenade launcher, the 40mmX53 Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) has been designed and built by Heckler & Koch. EAS manufactures the GMG in co-production with HK in order to cover Hellenic Armed Forces’ requirements of effective ground fire support.


GMG provides high rate of fire, direct target engagement, fragmentation effect and the ability to use armour-piercing natures. It is both accurate and easy to use, with an extremely smooth feed cycle and impressive safety features. It is flexible, convertible to right or left feeding and simple to maintain, with no tools being required for stripping or reassembly.


GMG can be used on the tripod or can be readily fitted to vehicles, patrol boats or helicopters.


Technical Data


Calibre                                                            40 mm x 53

Modes of Fire                                                  Single fire / sustained fire

Feed system                                                    Two step feed system for safe and smooth feeding,

                                                                         convertible from left to right hand feed.


Sight Systems (options)                                   Reflex sight (produced by Vaapensmia/Norway)

                                                                         Mechanical sight


Bolt System                                                      Blowback operated inertia bolt with advanced primer ignition


Muzzle velocity (Vo)                                         241 m/s

Rate of Fire                                                      Approx. 350 rds/min

Maximum Range                                              2200 m



Weapon:                                                           29 kg

Gun cradle:                                                      10 kg

Tripod:                                                              15 kg (Made by Vinghøgs/Norway)

Belt box:                                                           16,3 kg (with 32 rds belted ammunition)


Length                                                              1180 mm

Width                                                                140 mm (226 mm max.)

Height                                                               208 mm

Defense Products & Services: 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) by Hellenic Defence Systems
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Description: 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG)
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