40mm RFL GREN CS M294A1

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Mecar SA
Rue Grinfaux 50
7181 Petit-Roeulx-lez-Nivelles

A shoulder fired Mecar Bullet Trap Universal (BTU) rifle grenade, used to dispense tear andirritant gas (CS), to aid in crowd control duringperiods of civil disobedience and/or unrest.


The grenade comprises a cylindricalaluminium body containing 4 CS pellets, apyrotechnic delay, a Black Powder expellingcharge and an aluminium tail tube assemblywith the Mecar Bullet Trap Universal (BTU) in its forward end and polymer tail fins at the rear. The grenade is alunched, using ball orballistite cartridges, from 5.56 or 7.62mm assault rifles having a 22mm muzzle diameter. Thedelay element is initiated at launch and, after 2 seconds, ignites the Black Powder charge to bothignite and expel CS gas producing pellets. Burning at a high temperature, the dispersed pelletsproduce tear and irritant gas for approximately 30 seconds. Grenades may be adapted to otherspecial purpose rifles.


Each grenade individually packed in a waterproof polyethylene container. 25 containers in a wooden box. 12 wooden boxes per pallet
UN Classification: 1.4 G UN 0301

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Round mass (nominal)


Round length


CS filling

4x 30g pellets


2s delay

Aiming grid

Provided with grenade for specific rifle

Bullet trap

Universal for all types of 5.56 & 7.62 ammunition


Effective range

75 to 175m* - 125 to 250m**

Ejection time


Duration of gas emissions


Operational temperature

-32°C to +52°C


*nominal 5.56mm. **nominal 7.62mm.

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Description: 40mm RFL GREN CS M294A1
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Mecar SA