5/6 Coverall Suit by VersarPPS

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Protection House, Sherbourne Drive
Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8HX

These 5/6 Coveralls have a front zip with flap, elastic cuffs, hood and serged seam. SMS 50g. Colours: White, Blue, Red. 50 pieces in a box.


The PPS type 5/6 coverall is for protection against exposure to light spray, liquid aerosols or low pressure, against particulate radioactive contamination, low volume splashes, against which a complete liquid permeation barrier (at molecular level) is not required and airborne solid particulates.


Type 5/6 Coveralls


Description      PN: PS513171/55 Protective Coverall       PN: PS 513170/50 Protective Coverall

Material           Polypropylene SMS 55g                             Polypropylene SMS 50g

Arm/Leg          Knitted cuff & Elasticated ankles                Knitted cuff & Elasticated ankles

Includes:         Hood & front zip with self-adhesive flap.    Hood & front zip with self-adhesive flap.

                       Serged seams.                                           Serged seams.

                       CAT 111 TYPE 5/6 Certified                       CAT 111 TYPE 5/6 Certified

                       EN1149-5:2008 & EN1073-2:2002             EN1149-5:2008 & EN1073-2:2002

Colour Options White/Blue/Red                                        White/Blue/Red

Packing          1pc/bg, 50pcs/ctn                                       1pc/bg, 50pcs/ctn

PPS Branded            Yes                                                                Yes

Sizes                      M – 3XL                                                        M- 3XL

Defense Products & Services: 5/6 Coverall Suit by VersarPPS
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Description: 5/6 Coverall Suit
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