60 mm M70 Commando Mortar

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60 mm M70 Commando mortar is very efficient mortar weapon system, combining lightweight and compact design with firepower and portability. Because of these features it is primarily destined for special forces units or rapid deployment forces, i.e units tasked with rapid target engagement with swift exit from combat area.


60 mm M70 Commando mortar is capable of effective engagement of close, uncovered or sheltered manpower and weapons, especially on rear slopes and in ditches.


Baring in mind modern battlefield requirements, especially those concerning MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) 60 mm Commando mortar is highly suitable weapon for engaging enemy manpower hidden behind building or on building roofs.



Because of its low weight and compact design, it can be easily transported using light vehicles as one of weapons to be used in contingencies operations.



On the other side, 60 mm M70 Commando mortar can be effectively used with special forces units, particularly for “first entry” units, where sudden and effective attack is one of main prerequisites

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