60mm MORTAR M6C-210 by Hellenic Defence Systems

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Hellenic Defence Systems SA
1, Ilioupoleos Ave.
172 36 - Hymettus, Attica

The commando mortar M6C-210 consists of the following parts:

-barrel with breech plug and firing pin assembly

-base plate

-housing with triggering mechanism

-carrying strap with distance markings

-auxiliaries and spare parts


The forged high strength special steel barrel is provided with a collar at the muzzle end and external with a collar at the muzzle end and external threading for mounting of breech plug at the other end. The muzzle end is tapered to facilitate loading of bombs.


Mortar type designation, barrel number, manufacturer’s sign and inspector’s acceptance stamp are engraved in the cylindrical muzzle collar. The shrunk-on hand protection with a length of approx. 150 mm is made of heat resistant plastic.


The barrel is phosphatized and stove enamelled on the outside and treated with rifle oil on the inside. The breech plug made of high strength special steel is provided with internal threading and a tapered sealing face which guarantees a gas tight seal.


The breech plug center is provided with a hole for mounting of firing pin assembly and four threaded holes for holding the triggering mechanism. The breech plug is screwed to the barrel, fixed with adhesive and cannot be removed. The firing pin assembly is inserted into the breech plug from the bottom. It is secured by the housing.


The hardened stainless steel firing pin with rounded tip is brought back into normal position by way of a recoil spring. The complete triggering mechanism consists of a sectional aluminium housing which holds the individual parts of the triggering mechanism.


All parts are made of stainless steel and are thus maintenance-free.

The mechanism represents an automatic cocking system, i.e. the trigger button has been released. A safety button which moves in axial direction is provided on the outside. In position «white» the firing hammer is locked, in position «red» it is released.


The base plate supports the barrel and transmits the recoil forces during firing to the ground. It is made of a high tensile aluminium alloy.


The partially hardened supporting spike in the center of the base plate is made of stainless steel. It serves both for fastening the base plate to the housing and as support in case very hard ground conditions.


Carrying strap with distance markings

The carrying strap with distance markings is mounted on the barrel and connected to

the housing. For setting of operating firing range (HE bombs), the strap is provided with distance markings.


Auxiliaries, tools and spare parts

The auxiliaries bag contains:

-two-part wiper arm

-barrel brush, nylon

-offset screwdriver, 5 mm width across flats

-offset screwdriver, 6 mm width across flats

-single open-jaw spanner, 17 mm width across flats

-lubricating can

-spare firing pin assembly



Technical Data


Barrel caliber                                                                             60, 70 mm

Overall length of barrel with base plate                                     815 mm

Length: tip of firing pin – muzzle                                                640 mm

Maximum outside diameter                                                        72 mm

Firing pin protrusion                                                                   1.8 + 0.2 mm

Total weight of commando mortar without auxiliaries bag         approx. 5.10 kg

Weight of auxiliaries bag with contents                                      approx. 1.20 kg

Defense Products & Services: 60mm MORTAR M6C-210 by Hellenic Defence Systems
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Description: 60mm MORTAR M6C-210
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