9482HD Uncooled Dual Focal Length Thermal Imager by Britannia 2000

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The 9482 Uncooled Thermal Imager is a high resolution 640 x 480 pixel sensor with a 17µm pitch. The standard dual focal length lens is optimised for situational awareness plus medium range viewing in one compact package, which requires no additional housing for protection against the environment. A sturdy base plate enables mounting onto any suitable surface. The module can also be integrated into a day/night combination with Britannia video cameras.


The 9482 can be used as part of a portable surveillance system, fitted to vehicles for mobile applications and also to patrol boats or larger vessels, where its small size and weight disguises a powerful performer.


A wide range of options are available such as IP control, sunshields, front window wiper and stabilised pan/tilt units. The 9482 is a perfect partner for the Mini Mavis portable surveillance system, either as a replacement for the standard zoom camera or working alongside it as a day/night combo.




Uncooled Thermal Imager 640 x 480 x 17µm


Ideal for mobile or marine applications

Detects a 2.3m target at 9kms

IP option

Battery pack and viewer option for manpack

Compatible with Britannia Mini Mavis portable surveillance system

Other lens options

Lightweight and compact




Size:                           210mm (l) x 120mm (w) x120mm (H)

System:                      PAL or NTSC or 8.3Hz

Sensor:                       640 x 480, 17µm (HD)

Sensitivity:                  50mK

Standard Lens:           33 ~ 100mm

Field of View (H):       18.7⁰~ 6.24⁰

Palettes:                     18, inc. greyscale black or white hot, iron bow and red scale

Environmental:            IP67

Temperature:              -20°C ~ +60°C (-40⁰C heaters)

Weight:                       <6Kg

Power:                         9-36vdc 8W, 26w peak

Range:                        Man 2.3m             Vehicle

Detection:                   3.9km                    9Km

Recognition:               980m                     2.25Km

Identification:              490m                     1.12Km


- Fixed Magnification E-Zoom to any Mag

- Smooth continuous E-Zoom

- Auto/man contrast, brightness

- Electronic Pan/Tilt whilst in magnification mode

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Description: 9482HD Uncooled Dual Focal Length Thermal Imager
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