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Aburgus OÜ
Veerenni 29-9
10135 Tallinn

Aburgus will secure and protect the people, physical sites and activities in the most unpleasant environments.


Maritime Operations Aburgus is able to provide fully customized and efficient security packages in correlation with the actual piracy threat. The packages include a balanced mix of on-site training, operational security techniques and tactics, non-lethal counter measures, and armed response. Aburgus teams can swiftly embark and disembark at variety of Ports near High Risk Areas.



Terrestrial Operations Aburgus will secure and protect the physical sites and activities in even the most unpleasant environments. Our trained teams can also set up and run the complex operations like escorting of convoys with valuable cargo, protecting the Principals in overt and covert modes in travel, meetings or housing etc. We can conduct tracking, search and rescue of lost or entrapped people and property.

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