ADK PRIZMA Automated Diagnostic System for Roentgen-Fluorescence Analysis of Oil

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The ADK Prizma system is designed for rapid analysis of the content of wear particle elements in oils, greases and working fluids after appropriate preparation of samples (deposition on filters). The wear particle elements contain information on the technical status of the friction surfaces in machines and mechanisms. The analysis of this information allows tolerancing, troubleshooting, prediction of service life, and control over the status of the friction unit during its entire service life and taking a decision on the type of maintenance service.


The system incorporates:

Prizma roentgen-fluorescence analyzer

IBM-compatible personal computer allowed for the network board and fax-modem for on-line transmission of information to diagnostic centers)

adapted software

set of test samples

set of peripheral devices (printer, modem, etc.).



In addition to the ADK Prizma laboratory version, a portable version is also provided, including a notebook computer and a portable printer that, with preservation of all technical and weather characteristics of the system laboratory version, allow recording and printing of all measurements taken directly near vehicle engines and mechanisms and aircraft/helicopters.


The ADK Prizma software includes a common executable module containing all forms and management elements necessary for work graphical . The software is actually an integrated system incorporating the program modules that perform certain functions.

Basic elements of the system software are as follows:

subsystem to analyze measurement information

subsystem to enter measurement information processing

subsystem to define graduation and metrological characteristics of the automated diagnostic system.


The relational databases used in the ADK Prizma employ the tables of the Paradox 7.0 standard for Windows 95, 98.




Range of elements determined from S to Bi


Number of simultaneously determined elements

20, max


Energy resolution in the line of x-radiations of 5.9 keV

not more than 220 eV


Limits of metals in oils, g/t, (%)

not more than 0.1 (0.00001)


Limits of chemical elements, g/t

lower limit 0.2

upper limit 500


Time to measure one sample per 15 elements,

 not more than 90 s


Time of working mode to settle, min

not more than 5


Time to perform analysis and provide results of elements diagnosed, min

not more than 3


Hardware basic error (reproduction) of measurements taken on standard samples, %

not more than 5


Mode of operation automated


System weight, computer, kg

not more 9.1


System dimensions, mm

434 х 310 х 170


Power supply system

220 V ±10% AC

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Description: ADK PRIZMA Automated Diagnostic System for Roentgen-Fluorescence Analysis of Oil
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