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The R&S®ADMC8 is a multicoupler specifically designed for Rohde & Schwarz ATC receivers.


The space-saving R&S®ADMC8 optimally supports typical ATC system installations with eight receivers operated in parallel on one antenna.


The intelligent switching concept of the R&S®ADMC8 multicoupler maximizes the operational reliability of the ATC receiving system by preventing a single point of failure in the amplifiers. To handle any interruptions in the AC supply voltage, the R&S®ADMC8 features automatic switchover to the DC input provided for emergency power supply. The internal operating state of theR&S®ADMC8 can be monitored and evaluated by R&S®Series4200 radios via an alarm contact.


Key Facts


Suppression of adjacent signals from high-power transmitters

Band-selectivity in the UHF ATC frequency range

1-to-8 distribution

Automatic emergency power switchover

Overvoltage protection

Floating alarm contact

Customized filter frequencies on request

Specifications in line with environmental data of the R&S®M3SR Series4400


Features & Benefits


Suppression of adjacent high-power signals

The R&S®ADMC8´s integrated bandpass filtering considerably improves the reception conditions for the connected receivers. Adjacent signals such as high-power FM signals in the VHF band or TV signals in the UHF band are suppressed. The R&S®ADMC8 is available as a UHF model. The R&S®ADMC-B1 option is offered for cases where customized filters are needed.


In ATC, parallel operation of eight receivers on one antenna is very common which is why the R&S®ADMC8 multicoupler has eight ports. To prevent the connected receivers from affecting each other (e.g. due to local oscillators or synthesizers), the multicoupler features high port-to-port isolation.


Integrated automatic emergency power

The R&S®ADMC8 is ideal for operation with either AC or DC power. The integrated electronic switchover mechanism automatically detects interruptions in the AC power supply and immediately switches to the DC supply without any signal interruption. The emergency power supply systems with 24 V DC voltage that are common in ATC can be used.


Reliable protection against large signals

The integrated protective circuits at the RF input protect the R&S®ADMC8 against large signals and reliably prevent damage to the connected receivers.


Remote monitoring through floating alarm contact

Featuring an integrated alarm contact as standard, the R&S®ADMC8 offers impressive capabilities for remote monitoring of the internal operating state. If a malfunction occurs, the R&S®ADMC8 immediately switches the floating contacts of a relay to indicate the modified operating state. All internal supply voltages of the amplifiers are monitored. In conjunction with R&S®Series4200 and R&S®Series4400 radios, this alarm contact offers the capability to automatically report the operating state of the R&S®ADMC8 to the user.




Impedance                            input/output                                   50 Ω

RF input                                1 ×                                                 N female

VSWR                                   input                                              < 1.5:1, typ. 1.2:1

VHF FM band suppression   5-pole Chebyshev highpass         < –17 dBr for f < 100 MHz

                                              filter referenced to 310 MHz       

UHF band V suppression      5-pole Chebyshev lowpass          < –17 dBr for 650 MHz < f < 1 GHz

                                              filte rreferenced to 310 MHz       

Max. input power                                                                        15 dBm

RF outputs                             8 ×                                                N female

VSWR                                    output                                           < 1.5:1, typ. 1.2:1

1 dB compression                                                                       > 15 dBm, typ. 18 dBm

Decoupling between two outputs adjacent outputs                    > 23 dB, typ. 26 dB

                                               non-adjacent outputs                   > 23 dB, typ. 30 dB

Intermodulation suppression IP3 output                                     > 32 dBm, typ. 35 dBm

Gain                                                                                            2 dB +2 dB/–1.5 dB

Noise figure                                                                                < 7 dB, typ. 5 dB

Reverse decoupling                                                                   > 33 dB, typ. 38 dB

Temperature                           operating temperature range      –20 °C to +55 °C

                                               storage temperature range         –40 °C to +70 °C

Primary power supply             AC                                              90 V to 250 V/50 Hz to 60 Hz; IEC connector

Energy consumption                                                                  ≤ 8 W

Emergency power supply       DC (fully automatic switchover)  19 V to 32 V, typ. 0.3 A

Alarm contact                          maximum switching current        ≤ 1 A

                                                maximum switching voltage        ≤ 42 V

Connector type                        emergency power supply,           CA 6 GS (6+PE)

                                                alarm contact          

Electromagnetic compatibility                                                      EN 55011 class B and EN 61326

Humidity                                                                                       ≤ 95 % at +55 °C in line with

                                                                                                      MIL-STD-810F method 507.4 and

                                                                                                      DIN EN60068-2-30,+25 °C/+55 °C

Vibration                                                                                       5 Hz to 55 Hz, 0.4 mm double

                                                                                                      amplitude, test period: 30 min. in

                                                                                                      each of three axes, in line with DIN EN 68-2-6

Shock                                                                                          45 Hz to 2000 Hz, ≤ 40 g, three

                                                                                                     shock spectra in each of three axes,

                                                                                                     in line with DIN EN 68-2-27,

                                                                                                     MIL-STD-810D method 516.3 procedure I

Water and dust resistance                                                          IP 32 for front and side panel

Dimensions                             W × H × D                                   482.6 mm × 43.8 mm × 145 mm

                                                                                                    (19", 1 HU)(19.0 in × 1.7 in × 5.7 in)

Weight                                                                                         approx. 2.6 kg (5.7 lb)


1) Other frequency ranges on request.

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