AFD 6800 Electronic Flight Instrument System by Astronautics Corporation of America

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Astronautics Corporation of America
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Astronautics produces a family of smart Electronic Flight Instruments operating as Primary Flight Displays for helicopters, transports, trainers, fighters, and special purpose aircraft.  These displays offer state-of-the-art performance with embedded processing, graphics generation, and interface circuitry so that no other display processors or interface units are required.  These TSO certified, Design Assurance Level A (DO-178 and DO-254) displays are designed with hardware and strappable software configuration options for interfaces, bezel controls, and mounted options, and are available in 3ATI, 5ATI, 6×8, and larger format displays.


The Astronautics 6×8 Primary Flight Displays and Multifunction Displays have evolved over 20 years by continually offering higher resolution AMLCDs, LED backlights, more advanced processing and graphics generation, patented night vision goggle performance, configurable interfaces including both legacy analog/synchro and modern digital signal types, and modern functionality.


These displays can be provided as an all digital unit, a display that supports digital as well as legacy analog/synchro/discrete interfaces, and displays that also accept a variety of video inputs. The display functionality is programmable to meet the needs of the operator with Primary Flight, Navigation, Engine, Caution Advisory, Surveillance and Safety, Synthetic Vision, and analog and high definition video formats.




Analog RGB and RS-170 Analog video, digital DVI and SMPTE-292M High Definition video, ARINC-429, ARINC-453/708, analog, discrete, and synchro interfaces

Supports bezel and external control

Display formats and functions, installation and human machine interface configurations can be tailored to the operator requirements

Supports growth to synthetic vision

Supports growth to embedded HTAWS

NVIS compatible

TSO certified to Design Assurance Level A




Supports analog and digital systems

Enables the customer to tailor the product to meet its mission and operational requirements

Supports multiple video inputs with built-in growth to future standards

Common part number can support different cockpit functionality (i.e. from PFD to engine display)

Supports landscape or portrait installation

Field loadable software reduces logistics required

High reliability

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