AL-21F-3 Turbojet Engine

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The AL-21F-3 engine features a single-shaft configuration. The 14-stage compressor has a sophisticated control system. The cannular combustion chamber has 12 flame tubes. The three-stage turbine is of an impulse-reaction type. The blades of the first and second turbine stages are cooled with the bleed air taken from the compressor. The afterburner has three annular stabilisers and six fuel manifolds with spray and swirl-type nozzles. A perforated screen is installed to ensure internal cooling. The fully variable area propelling nozzle consists of the subsonic convergent and supersonic divergent rims.

Thrust (H=0, M=0, ISA), kgf:

max continuous 7,800

min afterburner 9,700

full afterburner 11,250


Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf/h:

economy power (H=0, M=0) 0.80

cruising mode 0.76

max continuous 1.86


Air consumption, kg/sec



Pressure ratio



Gas temperature before the turbine, oK



Dimensions, mm:

length /diameter 5,340/1,030


Engine dry weight, kg


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Description: AL-21F-3 Turbojet Engine
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