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R&S®AllAudio is PC-based software for the simultaneous recording and playback of audio signals and for distributing these signals in local and global networks.


R&S®AllAudio, with its functionality, rounds out the range of Rohde & Schwarz spectrum management and radiomonitoring systems. In such systems, R&S®AllAudio can replace analog audio switch matrices and multiplexers. The integrated audio database makes management of all recordings easy and convenient.


R&S®AllAudio processes digital audio signals from receivers and direction finders directly and without loss, and controls system-wide access to this data. The data is accessed either from the R&S®AllAudio main window or via control elements embedded in other software applications. The use of compression algorithms means less bandwidth is needed to distribute audio signals, even via wide area networks (WAN). A software-based intercom facilitates teamwork and coordination.


Key Facts


Integrated digital recording, instant playback, editing and distribution of audio signals without additional multiplexers and cabling

Automatic search and marking of activity in audio recordings

Integrated InterCom (optional)

Easy and convenient management of recorded audio signals in an integrated database (optional)

Embedded controls in the Rohde & Schwarz receiver and direction finder software user interfaces

Connection to Rohde & Schwarz system databases

Digitization of analog audio signals with selectable quality (optional)


Features & Benefits


Fast and easy access to current and recorded audio data

Easy to use

- Separate or embedded user interface and control elements

- Access to recordings in integrated audio database

Maximum flexibility when working

- Simultaneous access to multiple audio channels

- Instant playback from ring buffer or from database

- Settable playback speed for recordings


Integration into R&S®ARGUS and R&S®RAMON systems

-Access and data distribution via LAN/WAN

Flexible, system-wide signal distribution

- Flexible user administration and powerful intercom functionality for work quick and effective work


Automatic functions for enhanced efficiency

- Automatic recording control

- Automatic search and marking of activity in audio recordings


From pre-sale to service. At your doorstep

- Worldwide network of Rohde & Schwarz experts in over 70 countries




Basic version

Signal quality                                                                      telephone quality (8 kHz, 16 bit), radio

                                                                                           quality (22 kHz, 16 bit) or high audio

                                                                                           quality (44 kHz, 16 bit), R&S®AMMOS 16k, R&S®AMMOS 32k

Frequency range                  telephone quality                   20 Hz to 3.5 kHz

                                              radio quality                          20 Hz to 10 kHz

                                              high audio quality                  20 Hz to 20 kHz

Compression rates                                                              2-fold (ADPCM), 4-fold (GSM),

for data transmission                                                           8-fold (CELP)

via LAN/WAN                     

Analog audio input                2 audio channels for             - analog audio (via sound card)

channels                                                                             - digital audio from Rohde & Schwarz

                                                                                           instruments (e.g. R&S®DDF0xA/E,

                                                                                           R&S®EM100, R&S®ESMD

                                                                                           - digital audio from other R&S®AFBASIC

                                                                                           modules (TCP/IP point-to-point

                                                                                           connection via LAN/WAN)

                                                                                           - digital audio from other R&S®AFBASIC

                                                                                           modules (UDP/IP point-to-multipoint

                                                                                           connection via LAN)


Analog audio output channels                                           2 analog channels for audio monitoring by

                                                                                           headset or loudspeaker (left and/or right)

Audio matrix and mixer                                                      audio input channels can be mixed or

                                                                                           switched to the two audio monitoring

                                                                                           outputs or to other optional output


Audio distribution                                                               output and distribution to other

                                                                                           R&S®AFBASIC modules via configurable

                                                                                           audio channels

Time for instant playback      settable                                up to 5-minute audio buffer

Interfaces                                                                           integrated interfaces to R&S®RAMON and

                                                                                           R&S®ARGUS databases and to Rohde &

                                                                                           Schwarz receiver and direction finder


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