Alpha 6 Vehicle Entry Kit by NIC Instruments Ltd

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Hook and line is a semi remote line rigging systems, that allows tasks, such as gaining access to vehicles and buildings, to be carried out at a safe distance of typically 100m.


Coupled with the line and anchor tools NIC Instruments has designed and produced a number of Secondary Tools which facilitate the use of the Hook & Line equipment in situations where normal attachments are difficult to achieve, or where experience has shown that without them a successful pull is sometimes less likely. These tools include the telescopic pole to aid attachments out of the operator’s reach, and a “skid pan” which assists in the unhindered passage of an item through a number of potential “snag” risks.


NIC Instruments’ Hook & Line kits come complete with a number of well thought out and designed anchor applications to ensure that the operator can always achieve a secure and strong pulley point. These include Rope Slings, Sticky Eyes, Suction Pads, Karabiners, Hooks, Clamps, Grips & Stakes.


This kit has the NIC range of specialist tools used for working on vehicles. Supplied in a rigid carrying case.


Part Number HL007300

NATO stock number 1385-99-213-3989

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Description: Alpha 6 Vehicle Entry Kit
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