ALPHA 800 Series Helicopter Search & Rescue Helmet by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd

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Designed specifically for the helicopter winchman in air to sea search & rescue (SAR), the ALPHA 800 Series helicopter search and rescue helmet is a genuine necessity in modern SAR operations.  


Used extensively throughout the UK and internationally, the ALPHA 800 Series winchman helmet provides lightweight high performance head protection combined with hands-free communications, perfect for any application where crew leave the helicopter.


The search & rescue helmet provides the vital communications link, to aircrew inside the aircraft, via a built-in fully submersible comms system which includes a throat microphone with voice activation switch (VOX). Three switches allow the winchman to select between communication with the helicopter pilot, winch operator and survivor.



Voice activated hands free comms (Tx, Rx, P.T.T)

Choice of radio types

Single or double visor systems

Choice of colours and finishes

Compatible with most on-board comms systems

SAR Helmet - Helicopter Winchman



With ALPHA’s ultra lightweight construction the ALPHA 800 Series SAR helmet achieves the industry leading levels of impact and penetration protection that the ALPHA brand has become famous for, without compromise on comfort, fit and function.



Designed primarily for helicopter search and rescue operations the ALPHA 800 Series is perfect for any application that requires aircrew to disembark but stay in communication with the aircraft.

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