ALPHA active noise reduction (ANR) by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd

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Noise cancellation technology designed specifically for helicopter & aircraft pilots and other aircrew - ALPHA active noise reduction (ANR) is in use throughout the world protecting military, civil and commercial aircrews from the damaging effects of aircraft noise.


ALPHA active noise reduction offers all of the benefits of high performance noise reduction technology, with improved speech intelligibility and superb wearer comfort. Available either factory fitted or as a retrofit-able after market accessory, ALPHA ANR can be installed in the majority of ALPHA aircrew helmets.




Compatible with ALL popular aircraft communication systems & impedance levels

Battery or aircraft powered options

Choice of jack plugs

Retrofit-able or factory fitted

Entirely self contained within ear capsule

Fail safe operation


As a proven method for combating the unwanted, and often dangerous, levels of noise experienced in modern military, civil and commercial helicopters and other aircraft, the ALPHA ANR (active noise reduction) system provides excellent attenuation and high speech intelligibility.


Our noise cancellation technology is particularly effective in the low frequency range, where passive attenuation is less effective. Dual sensing microphones improve the attenuation accuracy.



The ALPHA ANR system is proven in use by numerous air arms and commercial operators, in helicopters and fixed wing aircraft including fighter jets. The noise reduction system enhances radio communications and reduces pilot fatigue. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, even after long periods, ALPHA ANR technology can help keep your aircraft in the air longer than ever before.

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