Alpha Jet HUD Video Camera (2LRU's) by Photo-Sonics

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United States of America

Photo-Sonics Inc
9131 Independence Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311

This HUD Video Camera replaces the Photo-Sonics, 16MM-1VK Film Camera used in the Alpha Jet aircraft built by Dornier for the Luftwaffe in West Germany.   P/N 93-1050




Rugged Construction

Local/Remote Switch Field-Of-View

Record/Unthread Switch

Record Indicator

Automatic Exposure Control

+28 VDC Input Power        

High-Resolution Color Images


         Vertical      – 16.6 Degrees

         Horizontal  – 22.1 Degrees

AGC:  Automatic

Exposure Lock         


General Specifications        


Automatic Exposure Control with lens iris

Automatic Gain Control tied to Lens Iris

Adjustable air-to-ground exposure lock (0-10 sec.)

Visual Event Mark viewable Day or Night

+28 Vdc operating voltage, MIL-STD-704

Internal or external sync

Pickup device: Interline-transfer hyper HAD CCD, 1/2”

Horizontal resolution:

           NTSC:   470 TV lines

           PAL:     460 TV lines

Picture elements:

           NTSC:   768(h) x 494(v)

           PAL:     752(h) x 582(v)     

S/N ratio:

            NTSC:  >48dB

            PAL:    >46dB

Minimum sensitivity: 0.35 Lux at f/1.4, AGC-ON

Shutter speeds: 1/60th second, 1/100,000 second,

    flickerless (1/100), and CCD iris (AEC), Off

AGC:  Automatic

Gamma:  0.45/1

White balance:  ATW, 3200K, 5600K, and Manual

Video formats:  Y/C component and NTSC composite

Weight:  2 lb 8 oz

12 month warranty


Environmental Specifications       


Operating Temperature       -25°C to +71°C

Storage Temperature          -55°C to +80°C

Altitude                                 43,000 feet

Over Pressurization             -15,000 feet

Humidity Operating             +90% RH, 60°C, 2 hours

Humidity Storage                 48 hours (two 24 hour cycles)

 95% RH, +50°C, 6 hours

 85% RH, +38°C, 16 hours

Vibration                              Random, 6 G rms, 5 minutes duration

Shock                                  9 Gs, 11 msec., 1/2 sine wave, 3 axes

Acceleration                         Lateral (Nx): 6 Gs

Longitudinal:                        6 Gs

Normal (+Nz):                      +8 Gs



Optical Specifications         


Lens Focal            FOV                Degrees             FOV                Milliradians          Application

Length               Horizontal           Vertical          Horizontal               Vertical         

16.42mm, f1.4      22.06                 16.63              384.9                     290.3              HUD-Special



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Description: Alpha Jet HUD Video Camera (2LRU's)
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