ALTV Pickup 2 SC

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The ALTV was the first military pick-up produced in France. Marketed since 2009, it has already sold over 1,000 units in two dozen countries. 

This lightweight all-terrain vehicle is designed to provide great tactical mobility with a high maximum speed and exceptional off-road performance. Its reinforced wheelbase supports a heavy payload of up to 1.4 t, one of the highest in this segment. It is equipped with a 190 hp engine enabling it to reach speeds of up to 160 km/h.

Available in single and double cab pick-up, Torpedo, Command Car, Check-Point and Station Wagon versions. In protected version, the ALTV can be fitted with ballistic and mine protection. It adapts to a wide range of missions: personnel transport, border surveillance, reconnaissance, patrols, ambulance, recovery, armoured firing post, cargo carrier, armoured van etc.




- Payload 1.4 t
- GVW 3.5 t
- GCW 5.8 t




- Wheelbase 3.20 m
- Length 5.30 m
- Width 1.90 m
- Height 1.77 m
- Crew capacity 10: 2 + 8
- Flatbed 1.90 x 1.80 m




- Range 1600 km
- Drinking water 78 litres
- Maxi speed 160 km/h
- Extreme environment -25 °C / +55 °C
(option -32 °C)
- Maximum grade 80%
- Slide slope 100%
- Fording depth 0.5 m
- Airtransportable C130-C160-A400M-CH47


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Defense Products & Services: ALTV Pickup 2 SC
Defense Products & Services Sectors: Armoured vehicles, wheeled | Armoured vehicles, wheeled, other types
Country: France
Description: ALTV (Acmat Light Tactical Vehicle) - Light 4x4 vehicle
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ACMAT- Ateliers de Constructions Mecaniques de l’Atlantique