AMTN / AMTX ActiveX / .NET Controls for Modbus I/O by Acromag

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These ActiveX / .NET software controls provide a fast, easy way to communicate with any Modbus slave devices connected to your PC. Get your Visual Basic, Visual C, .NET, Excel, or other compatible applications talking Modbus protocol within minutes.


AMRX: Modbus/RTU ActiveX Control

The AMRX package is an easy to use ActiveX control that provides a convenient way to communicate to Modbus/RTU slave devices. It also includes a timer for polled data acquisition and a floating point conversion ActiveX control.


AMRN: Modbus/RTU Forms Control

AMRN is a simple Windows Forms Control that provides a quick way to communicate with Modbus/RTU slave devices connected to your PC’s serial port.


AMTX: Modbus/TCP ActiveX Control

AMTX is an easy to use ActiveX control that simplifies communication with Modbus/TCP slave devices connected to your PC’s wired or wireless network.


AMTN: Modbus/TCP Forms Control

AMTN is an easy to use Windows Forms Control for Modbus/TCP to communication with slave devices connected to your PC’s Ethernet port. It can be used on a form or optionally without a form.


Demonstration Programs

Demonstration versions are available. The demos are complete operating ActiveX controls that have a time limit. After 60-90 minutes, communication functions will be disabled. Re-starting the application will initiate another functional demonstration period.


By purchasing a single development site license you may install the software and develop your application on a single PC and distribute it with your compiled application program royalty free an unlimited number of times. When used in a Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint or other noncompiling end-user application program where full development capabilities are always present, a separate license file must be purchased and installed on each computer that the end-user application program is installed and running on. Please see the EULA included with the demo for complete licensing information.


Features & Benefits


Any container application that can embed ActiveX controls can use the AMXX software packages

At design time, you can access your Modbus device from the software’s test property page

Property page device access makes start-up and troubleshooting a snap – all without writing a single line of code

Talking to a Modbus slave is as simple as calling a function with the necessary arguments

The software automatically builds the command, appends a CRC, sends the request over the network, and validates the response

Your program just reads and writes simple 16-bit data values

ActiveX controls include a help file and examples for Excel, Visual Basic, C++

.NET controls include a help file and examples for Visual Basic, C#, and Managed C++

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